Product Features

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New Features back to top

The Google Search Appliance software updates several times a year with new capabilities to search more of your enterprise information quickly and easily.

•  Secure Search
  The Google Search Appliance now has the capability to crawl password-protected areas and HTTPs content. Secure information protected by basic authentication or NTLM is shown only to users who are authorized to see it.
•  Increased Freshness and Capacity
  The GB-5005 and the GB-8008 can now perform incremental crawls on designated content, enabling the administrator to deliver hourly updates to the search results.
End User Features back to top
Google quality and ranking
  For each query,Google factors in 100 variables, including anchor text, URL patterns, fonts and positioning data to calculate relevance.
Dynamic page summaries
  Search result summaries contain dynamically generated snippets of text that show how your query was used on the page.
Results grouping
  Multiple results from the same subdirectory are grouped together, making search results easier to read quickly.
Automatic spellchecker
  Google's self-learning spellchecker automatically detects misspellings and suggests corrections. Using technology developed by Google, it is far more accurate than industry standard software.
Cached pages
  Caches copies of every page in your index, so search results can be viewed when the original sites are down.
Hit highlighting
  Query terms are highlighted on cached pages, allowing users to quickly find which parts of a page are relevant to their queries.
View as HTML
  Non-HTML search results are automatically reformatted as HTML, enabling users a quick glimpse at the content without having to launch the original application in which the content was created.
Sort by date
  Enables users to get at time-sensitive information first. Dates can be identified in any international format.
Advanced boolean search
  Offers more than 10 special query terms for advanced search functionality and supports Boolean AND, OR, and NOT searches.
Administrator Features back to top
Web-based Admin Console
  The admin console supports multiple logins and administrative roles for crawling, serving, and monitoring with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  Categorize searches according to URL patterns.
  Define synonyms for company-specific acronyms or terminology and have those terms be displayed as suggested alternative queries.
  Define matches between URLs and keywords so that the targeted URL displays above the main set of search results.
Look and Feel
  Search results customizable using XSLT stylesheets.
  Web-based reports show daily and hourly result sets, top queries, special feature usage, and more. Easily export the reports for use in other reporting tools.
URL Tracking
  Analyzes all crawled content and hosts, making it easy for administrators to identify problematic servers, errors, and sources of content.
Remote Diagnostics
  Comes equipped with a modem connection for remote maintenance by Google support if necessary.
Enterprise Integration back to top
Web Servers
  The Google Search Appliance maps all the web documents on your network accessible via hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) in a process known as crawling, then creates an index of those documents.
Secure Search
  The Google Search Appliance has the capability to crawl password-protected areas and HTTPs content. Secure information protected by basic authentication or NTLM is shown only to users who have access authorization.
Proxy Servers
  Crawls content located behind proxy servers.
Lotus Domino
  Fast, efficient crawling of Lotus Domino servers.
Meta Tags
  Supports standard meta tag fields, enabling search narrowing and filtering based on meta tag values. Also can return meta tag data for display in search results.
File Types
  Search more than 200 file types, including HTML, Microsoft Office™, PDF, PostScript, WordPerfect, Lotus, and many others.
  Able to restrict searches to any one of 28 languages.