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ENSTA 1987
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Real-Time computer engineer

16 years of experience

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· Internet / Intranet : computer network architecture

· Specification and design of Real-Time, distributed computer software

· Radar software design


1987 : Graduation as an engineer from E.N.S.T.A. (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées)

Languages : English (fluent) German (fluent)


Since June 1999 : with SINFOR for ALCATEL TELSPACE (Nanterre, France)

for the development of a Wireless Wide band Access system (Alcatel A9900 LMDS)

Definition of system level validation test cases

Design and implementation of the validation platform (for the IP communication subsystem)

Environment : TCP-IP, ATM, Ethernet, Unix, SNMP, Windows-NT,

June 1998 - June 1999 : SINFOR for ALCATEL TELSPACE

For the upgrade of a telecom equipment :

Integration of an SNMP management agent, specification of the MIB applicable to the equipment

Environment : C, PSOS, PPP, TCP-IP, SNMP, MC68360, Unix, HP-64000 emulator

October 1997 - June 1998 : SINFOR for ALCATEL TELSPACE

Integration of a real-time supervision software for a telecom equipment :

Addition of a PPP-TCP/IP stack to the existing kernel

Tunneling of a proprietary protocol in TCP/IP messages

Environment : C, RTC, PPP, TCP-IP, liaisons HDLC, Ethernet, MC68360, Unix,Windows, HP-64000 emulator, VME

1997 - WEBNET (5 months)

Administration of the corporate Internet-Intranet networks (8 servers under UNIX and Windows NT and 15 PCs under Windows 95),

Administration of the FireWall between Internet and the internal network,

Design of service offers (consulting) in network architecture (and also computer security analysis)

Environment : UNIX, Windows NT and 95, Perl, C, TCP/IP, Apache Web server, network services (Sendmail, DNS, News, FTP...), Firewall

1996 - TEKELEC (1 year)

For a submarine data acquisition system :

Specification, design, implementation, test, integration and validation :

- of a real-time data acquisition software,

- of a high-speed serial data port driver for the MC68360 microcontroller.

Design of a GPS interface for the timestaping of data samples.

Environment : C, 68020 Assembly, PC, Windows 95, MC68360 Microcontroller, OS9 real-time kernel, TCP/IP

1988 - 1995 THOMSON-CSF RCM (7 years)

1994-1995 : while in the RBE2 airborne radar design team :

Design of the high-level architecture of the software run by the radar's multiprocessor computer, improvement of a radar mode specification,

Definition of a fault-tolerant multiprocessor radar computer.

Environment : C, SUN, UNIX, SA-RT and  TDRF methods, DoD 2167a, ISO-9000, SPICE standards, TeamWork IDE, Interleaf V5

1993 : While member of a team evaluating the various computer architectures designed inside Thomson CSF :

Study of Signal Processing algorithms for airborne radars (used as benchmarks),

Implementation of the algorithmes designed by other divisions of Thomson CSF on the machine designed by Thomson RCM,

Definition of courses about the design of Signal processor architecture.

Environment : Signal processing algorithms, parallel arcitectures, SPOX signal processing library, specific real-time kernel, Windows

1992 : For the upgrade of an existing computer :

Study of new algorithms to be implemented,

Implementation of the algorithms on a multiprocesor machine,

Evaluation of the SynDEX tool (for parallelism extraction).

Environment : Pascal, OCCAM, SUN, UNIX, T800 Transputer, Interleaf V4, SynDEx

1990 - 91 : While in the development team for an airborne counter-measures system :

Specification and design of a coprocessor using a network of 9 Transputers,

Specification, design coding, tests of the software for the co-processor.

Environment : C, Pascal, OCCAM, SUN, T800 Transputer, DoD2167a, MathCAD, TeamWork

1988 : While working on the preliminary studies for an airborne counter-measures system :

Development of an I/O board for the VME bus (for a Schlumberger tape recorder),

Implementation of a cross-compiler (VRTX32/C/68020) on a  HP9000 workstation,

Evaluation of the Transputer technology (real-time airborne telemetry processing).

Environment : Pascal, OCCAM, SUN, UNIX, PC, T800 Transputer, C, 68020 Assembly, VRTX32, VME bus, Xilinx, TCP/IP, Shell

1987 - National Service (11 months)

Replacement of an analog signal processor with a board using a DSP.

Environment : PC, DOS, ADSP2100